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How to solve and repair sanitary ware faucet dripping water
笔名 baron 2019-01-31 17:51

Kitchen sanitary ware faucet leakage how to do? In the kitchen washes the vegetables to cook what cannot leave the water, if the sanitary bath faucet leakage not only can cause the waste water resources also to be able to affect the kitchen to be clean. Below small make up to share a few use sanitary ware faucet leakage repair method, hope to help your life!
sanitary ware faucet leakage maintenance method 1, change the axis of the sanitary ware faucet
Know oneself know the enemy can 100 fight without danger, repair sanitary ware faucet also is same. If you want to repair the leakage of the sanitary ware faucet, you have to understand the cause of the leakage of the sanitary ware faucet, if it is because of the wear of the shaft pad in the sanitary ware faucet, then use pliers to loosen the gland bolt, and then take out the shaft gasket, it is good to change the new!
2, water stop tape damage
Will sanitary ware faucet fastening next the turn that USES spanner to sanitary ware faucet anticlockwise comes down, use whorl hole to use wind to print adhesive tape clockwise next on the appearance of 6 times, after doing, will sanitary ware faucet to twist good afresh, open switch next try can appear the phenomenon that leak.
3, sanitary ware faucet over the joint leakage
Send the cap cap that sanitary wares bath faucet send, fasten afresh next or can change new u model gasket directly.
In addition, we can judge whether your sanitary ware faucet is leaking or not by observing the water output of the sanitary ware faucet. Generally, if the water output of the sanitary ware faucet is leaking more and more, the water output of the faucet will be larger and larger.
How about a leaky faucet in the sanitary ware? Kitchen sanitary ware faucet leakage repair method we share to this end, thank you for your attention. Hope to bring help to your life!
To the user that bought electric heat to sanitary ware faucet, what care about most is the safety of the product, the daily maintenance that sanitary wares bath faucet to electric heat actually is right its service life and safety have very big effect, say with must do good daily maintenance and maintain.
Use the three-hole socket with ground wire: the quick heat sanitary ware faucet should use the three-hole socket with ground wire, never self-access to the two-hole socket without ground wire, in case of danger. If the line is not long enough, do a good job using the plug board with over-current protection device. In addition, also pay attention to the socket whether there is 3C mark, to ensure safety.
Exhaust: when first use, let water flow sufficient and expedite through cold water first, make the air inside machine antrum eduction completely, connect power source to use next, this can add greatly accelerate the service life of hot bath faucet.
Cleaning: wipe the dirt on the shell with a soft cloth frequently to keep the appearance of the product clean. If the tap water pressure is normal, and the hot water flow is small, please cut off the power supply to check whether the water inlet of the jet hole of the quick heating sanitary ware faucet is blocked or not. If there is a blockage, you can dredge the small hole with sewing needle and clean up the sundries to keep the water unblocked. Do not clean the enclosure or spray water on the fuselage while it is powered on.
Quick heating sanitary ware faucet must be installed vertically, horizontal or inverted may cause accidents. Because the quick heat bath faucet is through the lower end heating pipe heating. In case of accident, stop using immediately. The outlet is strictly prohibited to connect the nozzle that is not configured by the manufacturer. This is because the design and configuration of sprinkler head are related to power and temperature rise flow rate. Once changed, the original internal design will be destroyed, resulting in functional barriers. Water flows around the heating pipes in the cabin to transfer heat. If the pipes are turned upside down, horizontally or obliquely, they will cause interference and burn out.
When using the quick heating sanitary ware faucet, if you find that the indicator light does not turn on hot water and the sound is abnormal, you must stop using it immediately, turn off the power supply, and contact the factory maintenance personnel in time.
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