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How to install sanitary ware faucet
笔名 baron 2019-01-31 14:20

Mix commonly when sanitary ware faucet leaves the factory, attach installation dimension graph and operation manual. Before installation and use, the commodity packaging inspection certificate should be opened to avoid the use of three no products. You should be more careful when you import goods.
In addition, should check whether the hardware accessories are complete, general hardware accessories should be installed: set of bolts and fixed copper and gasket; Full set of basin lifting and water removing device; Two water intakes. Take out bibcock fluctuation or so pull handle to feel open and close lightsome freely and contain even and downy block to had better. It is to want to check plating surface again, with bright, without bubble spot and Nick allow. If the sanitary ware faucet is used in the new building, there will be sand and other impurities in the newly paved water because of the water supply pipe network. Before installation, water should be released for a long time until the water quality becomes clear before installation.
When installing, install one end of two water inlet pipes on the faucet, connect two cold and hot Angle valves on the other end or connect two cold and hot joints. The basin is installed to remove water. It is connected to the bottom of the basin and the end is connected to the "S" or "P" bend pipe. Do not use too hard to open the use of artificial damage, usually after the use of the tap surface should be wiped clean. After using for a period of time to cut off the hot and cold water flow can be used to carefully twist the water nozzle filter after cleaning impurities carefully installed on the wrench.
Now, a lot of company of production of faucet that sanitary ware have certain quality to assure commitment to the product, general bibcock manufacturer executes 3 years of quality to assure to the user, promise appears product quality problem is repaired free inside 3 years, after 3 years still can enjoy lifelong service.


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