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Sanitary ware dealer chooses sanitary ware manufacturer bran
笔名 baron 2019-01-31 14:19

When manufacturer of sanitary ware chooses agency, should not just examine actual strength, and wait for integrated index to undertake examining to its reputation, public praise, terminal network and sale consciousness even, more important is to see this agency is having intense cooperative intention. The floor of 2, 3 line brand sanitary wares bath manufacturer to pass the market of old to run, to how to choose dealer to build a oneself regulation stage by stage, business of manufacturer sanitary wareing bath wants to use according to investment attraction clause to be able to achieve pretty good result slightly only.
In the market of manufacturer of sanitary ware the manufacturer that sanitary ware is various, when dealer is facing hundred flowers to contend for colourful, million cannot be lost an eye, answer to choose the manufacturer brand that has ascendant space to oneself according to local market condition, this also is the premise condition that can control local market effectively in the future. Many dealers holding big brands, still have a "back against the tree good shade" mentality, did not take into account the local market demand.
First-tier brands are saturated with second-tier and third-tier brands
For large dealers, they need unimpeded channels of first-tier brands to expand sales volume to get their year-end returns. For ordinary dealers, the purpose of choosing a first-tier brand is just to seek their own development with the help of the brand's market awareness.
But the threshold of brand of manufacturer of a line sanitary ware is very high, they can cooperate with a few large agent only in an area, develop next by them 2 3 line dealer. Caused by the ordinary dealers can not have a direct dialogue with the sanitary manufacturers sanitary manufacturers have a first-line brand, if the sales encountered a bottleneck, often be eliminated by its agents, dealers in a weak passive position, no say.
Brand of manufacturer of 2, 3 line sanitary ware, relative to brand of a gleam of for, brand popularity is not so tall, consumer also is not very hold out for an audience, the support strength such as the respect such as advertisement of manufacturer of sanitary ware also is inferior to brand of a gleam of.
So for the general dealers, how to choose a suitable for their own development and local market operation of the second and third line brand as a long-term strategic partner for common development is particularly important.
Lock in the brand based on the principle of mutual benefit
Business enterprise cooperation is called by a lot of people "fish and water" relation, no matter be manufacturer of sanitary ware or businessman hope to achieve a kind of win-win relation. But in fact, because respective standpoint, manufacturer of sanitary ware and dealer, be opposite in a lot of respects.
But dealer cooperates with manufacturer of sanitary ware to often be tend to be passive, do not have a clear train of thought, also do not know oneself to want to do what? Which brand is more conducive to their own development, dealers on their own what kind of positioning? Is it better to choose an excellent second - and third-tier brand for long-term cooperation, or to go with the flow and rely on the big brand day by day?
Of course, in the choice and in the process that sanitary ware manufacturer sanitary wares bath manufacturer coorporation, also need the integral strategic direction that considers sanitary ware manufacturer cautiously and yourself to decide to come down is same with the goal. For example, you are in the high-grade sanitary ware manufacturers market resources are very rich, then you choose to do a high-grade sanitary ware manufacturers mainly sanitary ware manufacturers cooperation, we work together to do a good job in various services, common development.
Each dealer has its resource advantage, sanitary ware manufacturer sanitary ware manufacturer development needs to have clear market fixed position, the development of sanitary ware manufacturer dealer also is same. Dealers may wish to list all your advantages, disadvantages, social relations, to find the most advantage, the most reliable resources as a reference, clear their direction, and then find a suitable brand to negotiate cooperation.


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