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How to do sanitary ware industry sanitary ware brand must pa
笔名 baron 2019-01-31 14:19

Listing is a nirvana process for an enterprise. After listing, the financial pressure of the enterprise becomes smaller, and the enterprise can have more energy for diversified development. At the same time, going public means that the company will become more formal and strict in corporate management, financial approval and other links, and the operation cost of the enterprise will rise. The requirement of going public is high growth. How to achieve high growth under the premise of increased operation cost is a test in itself.
Promote the industry reshuffle, sanitary ware faucet industry is undergoing a "sweep" of change and change, sanitary ware faucet as natural resources, resources will be increasingly centralized to sanitary ware brand enterprises, the continuous pressure of real estate in China, part of the enterprise can't afford to "cold winter" cold, will withdraw from the competition, some weak sanitary ware faucet sanitary ware brand will withdraw from the history.
sanitary ware brand effect or into the market killer
Financing listing is the shortcut to make the enterprise bigger, domestic sanitary ware brand sanitary ware faucet market share is not high, almost all foreign VC and PE claim to provide value-added services for investment enterprises in addition to capital input, to assist enterprises to develop the international market, the use of accumulated resources for enterprise development speed. sanitary ware faucet enterprises to raise funds net flow plan: 23% used for strategic mergers and acquisitions; 22% to expand and strengthen the distribution network of group products; 20% for developing the group's existing sanitary ware brands; 15% to expand and optimize its production lines; Research and development of new products and working capital each account for about 10%, everything is to prepare for competition. Can imagine, once collect money is successful, the sanitary ware brand that China sanitary wares bath faucet subordinate promotes battle line to will all-around cover TV, magazine, outdoors, Internet and other and burgeoning media, the sanitary ware brand impact that brings from this will be self-evident.
Of sanitary ware faucet technology mature with each passing day and patent technology tend to perfect, consumer choose and buy sanitary ware faucet is short of in partial area not mature. As household durable consumer goods, environmental protection, sanitary ware brand, durability, service, price is the right concern about the six elements of the correct order of purchase. After the financial tsunami, 67 percent of the national sanitary ware faucets and regional sanitary ware brands have closed or are facing closure, resulting in countless consumers in the home sanitary ware faucets become unable to find after-sales service and maintenance of the "sanitary ware faucets orphans". Domestic sanitary ware brand sanitary ware faucet market share is not high, the phenomenon of regional sanitary ware brand was eliminated from the market shows that the national first-line sanitary ware brand for its own sanitary ware brand construction, the guidance of rational consumption concept has not shirk the responsibility and obligation.
First line sanitary ware brand nuggets second and third line market
With the acceleration of urbanization in recent years, more and more household consumption demand has been highlighted. It can be said that where there is demand, the product will radiate to where. After market of the first line hasten gradually full close, already did not have too much space to offer brand of sanitary ware faucet sanitary ware to live, can more broad to the space only 2 3 line market march. Moreover, because the sanitary ware faucet is a closed channel characteristics, by the sanitary ware faucet channel operators launched the possibility of industry shuffle greatly increased.
Expansion of production equipment after 80, 90
Fifteen percent is used to expand existing production equipment, including improving technology, developing new products, expanding production scale and so on. Now consumers have become more rational, has not been a simple low price and gimmick to attract, but to the real service and quality of products to meet consumer demand. In recent years, a lot of enterprises that sanitary ware faucet release contain the new product of all sorts of styles, aimed at consumption style apparently 80 hind at 90 hind.
Merger and acquisition integration to win resources weight
The proportion of mergers and acquisitions more than a fifth of the proceeds of fund-raising, sanitary ware faucet smes are the biggest impact. In fact, as early as a few years ago, there is a sanitary ware faucet enterprise to realize the value of the industrial chain and put into practice, through the control of the upstream raw material and base material production, to more sanitary ware brand strategy, on the transverse category covers the bath tap ware, rapid expansion of category, create more sanitary ware brand as one of the strategy, thus achieved the winning.
So, shuffle will wash to those enterprises? What shape might the final industry landscape take? This author is not good speculation, because the sanitary ware faucet industry is an industry barriers and relatively low threshold of the industry, after the shuffle, thousands of sanitary ware manufacturers fell, and there will be thousands of new not afraid of dead sanitary ware manufacturers were born, the sanitary ware faucet enterprises should be prepared to deal with.
Domestic many the brand that sanitary ware of a line that has actual strength ever got the favour of foreign venture capital when market quotation is best, and this paragraph of period also arrived gradually really these venture capital collect capital moment. Therefore, enterprises are also faced with the possibility of capital withdrawal if they do not go public. After capital withdrawal, enterprises are faced with capital problems and it is difficult for them to continue to develop. At present, the tightening of the whole bank loan policy also forces enterprises to go public to some extent. But being "listed", in a capital market, because of the hand of capital or the law of the market and being pushed into a certain stage, the pain of survival of the fittest, can not be said to be a completely bad thing? And The Times that will come to in this capital collect period, sanitary ware faucet industry will greet the agitation that how appear on the market in the future, future pattern can have what kind of change again, we might as well wait and see its change. Is the so-called fighting, win or lose geometry, at first. 


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