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The brand development and advantage analysis of Nan’ an san
笔名 baron 2019-01-31 14:19

Guangzhou pazhou exhibition hall staged a four-day building materials ceremony - the 15th China (guangzhou) international architectural decoration expo (referred to as guangzhou construction expo). Guangzhou construction expo has gathered more than 100,000 building materials colleagues from home and abroad to visit the exhibition. During the exhibition, the hall was full of people and full of popularity. Compared with the popularity of cabinets, wardrobes, doors, Windows, hardware and overall home furnishing hall, the popularity of sanitary ware and faucet exhibition area in hall 7.1 and 8.1 of hall A is slightly weaker. Because may Shanghai hutch sanitary wares an exhibition to be the exhibition with the most professional, the most influential industry that sanitary ware, faucet, together with guangzhou to build fair sanitary ware, faucet big shop sign is absent, wait in ambry, chest the brightness that waits for other kind dazzling falls, sanitary ware, faucet hall appears some of dim really.
From the scene, in guangzhou construction expo strong people flow, into the sanitary ware, tap exhibition hall exhibitors are endless stream. sanitary ware, tap exhibition hall exhibitors to nan 'an, foshan, kaiping, taizhou and other small and medium-sized manufacturers. The brand of nan 'an sanitary ware and faucet occupies half of the sanitary ware and faucet exhibition hall of guangzhou construction expo, and all the brands of nan 'an sanitary ware and faucet, such as dulong, taitao, anbi, euramerican, mengjia, shangci and meilong are present.
sanitary ware manufacturers brand tricks: differentiation
On current build fair, brand of nan an sanitary ware, faucet has no lack of window. For example, meilong sanitary ware and faucet are made in Chinese style, and the traditional Chinese red lantern image is adopted in the design of the exhibition hall. Its independent research and development design is rich in the Chinese characteristic the sanitary ware, the faucet ceramic product, sends out the unique charm. Especially lovely children suites, vivid patterns, bright colors, attracting a large number of visitors stop, appreciate, take pictures. Dream beautiful and eagle pottery sanitary ware, faucet advocate push intelligence closestool, let people see the footstep that brand of nan an sanitary ware, faucet pursues on intelligence domain. Mengjia sanitary ware and faucet have integrated multiple advantageous resources, moved the intelligent toilet production workshop from zhejiang province to nan 'an, and developed a number of types of intelligent toilet without water tank, with a rich sense of design in appearance. For many years to foreign trade based dream is trying to smart sanitary ware, tap products into the domestic market.
In the 8.1 exhibition hall, from time to time came the sound of pounding the cabinet, which came from chaozhou sanitary ware and faucet brand falenka sanitary ware and faucet. Every time hammer always can gather a crowd of audience to surround, the surface of the sanitary ware cabinet that passes hammering repeatedly still is smooth level off. Farinka sanitary ware, faucets with alternative marketing promotion means to let dealers, customers see the quality of the test, promotion effect is significant. As we have learned, this brand produces steel model sanitary ware ark technically, the sanitary ware ark of this kind of material has the characteristic such as fire retardant, moistureproof, fight oxygen, pressure to be able to bear, it is a kind of new-style sanitary ware ark material.
These products stand out from the white flower ceramic products and become the highlight of nan 'an sanitary ware and faucet exhibition group and even the whole sanitary ware and faucet exhibition hall. It is precisely because these brands know how to use product differentiation strategy that they can leave a deep impression on the audience and enhance their attraction to dealers and purchasers.
Brand advantage main push cost - performance positioning difference is not obvious
As manufacturer of nan an sanitary ware turns market of domestic sale, manufacturer of a batch of sanitary ware that have certain actual strength begins to notice to model his sanitary ware, faucet brand. Make a brand is a kind of strategical investment to manufacturer of sanitary ware long - term development, also be a brand hold fast to battle for a long time, the manpower that expends, material resources, financial capacity is huge. We can see from the brand development path of nan 'an in the past few years, manufacturers and operators in nan 'an have greatly improved their brand awareness and brand strategy, signed brand spokespersons, TV, newspapers, networks and other media advertising has become the main way to promote the brand of nan 'an sanitary ware, sanitary ware manufacturers.
The sanitary ware and faucet brands bred from nan 'an, the capital of porcelain, have incomparable advantages over other producing areas in raw materials and experience of ceramic production. Toilet bowl of pottery and porcelain, pottery and porcelain basin also is the advantage product that nan an brand advocate advocate. But nan sanitary ware, sanitary ware manufacturers mixed, so that the whole nan sanitary ware, faucet are covered with a layer of low-end, counterfeit bad impression. In fact, nanan does have some ceramic manufacturers with excellent production technology and quality, such as mengjia thin rim basin is famous in the whole industry, cooperating with many international brands. With years of experience in foreign trade export, it is equally reliable in quality to reach the export standard of many countries. And strict with themselves, actively engaged in research and development of all dragon and other nan 'an brand.
Located in China's largest ceramic production base, with unique ceramic soil resources, this is nan an sanitary ware, sanitary ware manufacturers happiness. However, the brand is personalized and differentiated, you have I have can not reflect the advantages of the brand. According to the reporter observation, brand of nan an sanitary ware, faucet is in brand fixed position nearly high-grade, and a lot of hit "cost performance ratio" this one card. For example, the brand manager lu tongyong told reporters that the goal of the brand is to create "China's first cost-effective brand", shang magnetic sales manager Chen yonghao also said that shang magnetic brand concept is fashion, cost-effective. As the rise of area of pottery and porcelain of long ge that grow very hard, manufacturer of sanitary ware, sanitary ware no matter be in fuel, labor cost is superior to long ge, the enterprise of south Anglia had realized pure go all out price already go all out however long ge. Therefore, they hope to establish their own brand image, in the price, brand, service to find the best balance. Some brand experts point out that cost performance is the general positioning, lack of differentiation, brand positioning needs differentiation, will stand out from the competition.
Lack of basic elements of brand growth
In addition to the positive exploration and progress in the branding process, we also need to analyze the existing problems. The brand development of nan 'an is still to cross the river by feeling the stones, some manufacturers in the process of brand development show instability or detour phenomenon. Nan an sanitary ware, sanitary ware manufacturer develops relatively steady, do not resemble nan an manufacturer so radical on the investment of the brand, do not hesitate to be in debt heavily for playing a brand. On the other hand, many nanan manufacturers for manufacturers and brand development in the concept of conservative, pessimistic, and convey too much bad information, affect their own and friends of the fight manufacturers.
Zhang xuezhi, deputy general manager of guiren help marketing consultancy, pointed out the problems in the development of nan 'an manufacturers: "the key is not in terms of equipment, technology and capital, but the outdated business thinking. The old management methods and backward management limit the development of the manufacturers, and even lack the basic elements of brand growth. Zhang xuezhi believes that the basic elements of brand growth are standardized quality control, industrialized production system, perfect sales channel, perfect service system and systematic market operation. And at present major nan an sanitary ware, sanitary ware manufacturer still does not amount to mark in these 5 respects. Therefore, the power source of nanan brand growth lies in the continuous improvement of manufacturers' production, quality control, management, channels and services.
Once the manufacturer that sanitary ware decides to do a brand, competitor comes from nanan this place not only, have more foshan, nanan, the manufacturer that sanitary ware of the place such as zhejiang eye covetously. Therefore, nanan manufacturers should jump out of nanan to see the brand, broaden the horizon, learn from more excellent brands.
Talent and manufacturer oneself development complement each other
The reporter interviewed a number of nan 'an manufacturers in guangzhou construction expo, in talking about the development of the brand of the disadvantage of the problem, they all sigh with the lack of talent in nan 'an. Talent problem becomes one of the restricting factors for the brand development of nan 'an manufacturers, which has already become the consensus of nan 'an sanitary ware and sanitary ware manufacturers.
Nanans are known as the "jews" of the east, and there is no shortage of elite talents. Due to the poor urban environment in nan 'an, especially the faucet factory, low salary, outdated management system and other reasons, the outflow of local talent and difficulty in attracting foreign talent. In recent years, the frequent loss of executives introduced by nan 'an manufacturers also reflects the problems of many aspects of nan 'an manufacturers, including the concept of the boss, business model and so on. Be aimed at the talent problem of manufacturer of nan an sanitary ware, sanitary ware, zhang xuezhi thinks talent is change, want a manufacturer to go up only formal, nature has talent. If the factory did not develop, one is not able to train talent, in addition, talent will gradually drain.
Nan an sanitary ware, sanitary ware manufacturers to develop the brand, to have a professional brand operation team to operate. How to attract and retain talents, on the one hand, manufacturers need to examine their own problems, change old ideas, optimize the working environment, improve internal management, improve welfare treatment; On the other hand, into the nan sanitary ware, sanitary ware manufacturers also need to adjust the mentality of good, positive into the environment of nan. The reporter met a foreigner working in nan 'an in the exhibition. He is currently working in the intelligent business department of mengjia, and once worked in xiamen vidia company for ten years. He told reporters that he has fully adapted to the work and life in nan 'an, and the most important part of this process is the change of mentality.
Insufficient support from third parties
This year is the third time for the government of chao 'an county to organize a group of chao 'an manufacturers to attend the construction expo in guangzhou. Chaoan government provides free booths for chaoan manufacturers, so that chaoan sanitary ware, tap brand to promote their own manufacturers with a good image; At the same time, it is stipulated that exhibitors can not participate in without makeup, need fine makeup appearance, in order to establish the brand image of nan 'an sanitary ware and faucet. This looks to be a kind of concern that the government of nan an sanitary wares bath, sanitary ware manufacturer and support to nan an, but among them drag in another kind to arrange to do however. It is understood that many nan 'an exhibition hall decoration companies are designated by the government. The reporter hears in visiting a process not a few exhibitors manufacturer controller to complain about exhibition hall to decorate too badly, for instance wall body is too thin, cannot bear the weight of sanitary ware ark, must undertake strengthening to wall body or with the aid of prop. Accordingly, be in south an exhibition hall, also see such a scene no lack of, there is a stick to stand however below ark of a beautiful and elegant sanitary ware. This destroyed the integral image of sanitary ware ark undoubtedly. Coarse decorate below, how to reflect the character of brand of nan an sanitary ware, faucet? Nanan government should be more for the participation of nanan brand to consider?
There is a stick under the sanitary ware cabinet
At the meeting of communication of two places of nan an, xiamen last year, when hearing out the support policy that xiamen, nan an two places government develops to manufacturer of local hutch sanitary ware and strength, the home of manufacturer of nan an sanitary ware, sanitary ware feels exclamation in succession, there was a manufacturer home to used even "jaw drop" will describe. Nan an sanitary ware, sanitary ware manufacturers also hope to wait until the government to sanitary ware, faucet industry, manufacturers' support. CAI xinyan, deputy general manager of mengjia sanitary ware and faucet, said that the lack of third-party support has become a big disadvantage for nan 'an manufacturers to develop their brands. Lu tongyong believes that the planning of nan 'an sanitary ware and faucet production areas is limited, and the scale development of manufacturers is also limited, which is also the insufficient brand development of nan 'an sanitary ware and sanitary ware manufacturers. As the brand of sanitary ware and faucet hard cultivated in nan 'an hot land, it needs the understanding and support of the government, financial and other third-party institutions.
Conclusion: nan an sanitary ware, sanitary ware manufacturers to develop the brand is far away! In this process, manufacturers need to constantly improve their internal work, from the production process, quality control specifications, channel construction, service system, to internal management, brand operation and other multi-dimensional improvement. In addition to the efforts of the manufacturers themselves, the brand development of nan 'an sanitary ware and faucets is also inseparable from the support of the government, associations, Banks and other third-party institutions.


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