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Brand and development of China sanitary ware industry
笔名 baron 2019-01-31 14:18

Remember a master once said, the economy of the 21st century is all entertainment economy. It seems that this statement is very reasonable, from these years, although many people are against speculation, against the advertising war, but the CCTV advertising revenue is rising. Even zhao benshan's performance in the Spring Festival gala over the past few years is not without embedded advertising.
If there is any profound view on the brand industry of ceramic sanitary ware, I personally think that there are too few elements of entertainment and design, and too many elements of deliberate imitation and simple replication. From the perspective of marketing, it still stays in the competition of sales channels, but cannot rise to the level of channel competition. Can say even, faucet industry still stays in product manufacturing respect as a whole, and the understanding degree to brand of sanitary ware and design still is very low. An industry veteran said, "national brands have created the sales model of large exhibition halls, which can be summarized as channel innovation, and this innovation is obviously still in the expansion of scale. Oppose shoddily made and simple treatment, that is to sell blood. But over the years, we have seen, tragically, that the practice of selling blood has not disappeared, but has become more and more common.
In recent years, the scale that builds sanitary ware factory is bigger and bigger, new producing area is more and more, but market space did not increase however, it is estate suffers government to suppress ceaselessly instead, export sells environment to worsen ceaselessly, price competition and dimensions competition become overwhelming force. But the high fixed cost investment, and the advertisement investment, let the ceramics enterprise and the dealer become the worker. Analysis reason, it is to decorate, the charge such as rent is exorbitant, 2 it is to suffer the fluctuation of estate market too big.
First of all, can we consider the apple model, take the road of innovation, design road. Whether they make MP3 players or iphones, apple doesn't think in terms of the usual suspects -- variety, fancy shapes, ultra-low prices. But increases the product use performance and the entertainment function, lets the consumer feel the joyful enjoyment. On the contrary, most brands are still in the type, price, channel on the great struggle.
A lot of people always think that only Italy can design, so the total hope placed in a few foreign designers to design a few can wrap the world. But few are willing to think about their own enterprise strategy, brand and other deep-seated issues. Are the Chinese too stupid to design? In the sanitary ware brand industry of this year, emerge at a draught more than 10 brands that win red cotton award, red star award. Obviously, we Chinese do not know the design, but the original sanitary ware manufacturers do not pay attention to the design, but obsessed with the "Italian original design". It not only devalues the height of the brand, but also severely discourages the team's ambition and cohesion.
Secondly, can we consider Nike, adidas, foxconn model, take the road of specialization model. Nike and adidas are specialized in brand operation, while foxconn is specialized in manufacturing. But in the industry, "big and complete", "small and complete" has become the mainstream, there are many reasons for this phenomenon, but the most important one is their own production profit is high or their production heart. On the other hand, Nike and adidas do not have high quality and low profit. Obviously, this reason is not valid. But under the guidance of this kind of thinking, we always worry about the place and the inventory. When the business is good, the supply will not be delivered. When the market fluctuates slightly, the warehouse will accumulate into a mountain.
Let the cold products become full of nimbus, let the manufacturers become lively and full of vitality of the group, eventually, the wisdom, creativity will replace the kiln, exhibition hall to truly show the strength of sanitary manufacturers and brand spirit.


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