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Analysis on the development path of Chinese sanitary ware br
笔名 baron 2019-01-31 14:18

In recent years, the development of industry of brand of our country sanitary ware it may be said is happy and bittersweet, it is the manufacturer quantity that sanitary ware surges on the one hand, productivity also shows geometrical level to grow, become the producer country of the biggest sanitary ware brand on the world and consumer country. According to data show, brand of our country sanitary ware occupied world total 30%, sanitary ware fittings also held the share of world total nearly 35%, somebody predicts even, the output of our country health pottery and porcelain will achieve 25 million 83 million 2015, market dimensions will achieve 90 billion yuan. On the other hand, our country sanitary wares bath the manufacturer that sanitary ware basically is given attention to with medium and small enterprise, manual workshop and manual production phenomenon are common, have scale to change the production really not much, product advantage also concentrates on in low end market, although exit a lot of countries to the whole world, but the profit that earn is very meager. In terms of brand influence, compared with the huge number and output of manufacturers, it is very embarrassing: not only has not been able to enter the foreign market, even the domestic high-end market, "one mu of land" is also monopolized by foreign brands. Our country sanitary wares bath brand industry to pass old high speed to develop, current situation is however big and not strong, and the reason that causes this kind of phenomenon also is many sided.
The history of development is still short
It is understood that China's modern sanitary ceramics began in 1914. It has been nearly one hundred years since tangshan qixin foreign ash company produced China's first modern sanitary ceramics, but the development of sanitary ceramics before the reform and opening up was very slow, and the output was still less than 2.3 million pieces in 1978. In the early 1980s, China's sanitary ceramics entered the stage of sustainable development. After the 1990s, China's sanitary ceramics saw a spurt of development. In 1993, China became the world's largest producer and consumer of sanitary ware brands. Based on this, the majority of people think that the development of sanitary ceramics in China really started only more than 20 years, the brand development is truly value by manufacturers in recent years, compared with the sanitary ceramics hundreds of years history of development abroad, appear more "young", the lack of historical precipitation, this is our country the main cause of sanitary ceramics big but not strong.
"Although the development of China's ceramics has a history of several thousand years, the real history of the development of sanitary ceramics is very short, only more than 20 years. And we missed the best of times. For example, in the early 1990s, China transformed from a planned economy to a market economy, which was a good time for health ceramics to take the initiative to build brands and manage brands. However, in this period, China's sanitary ceramics just started, and it was still in the stage of expanding production and busy market. The brand concept was very weak, and the history of domestic sanitary ceramics brand was very short, which did not pass the test of time. Foreign big brands are different, for example, Germany weibao factory in 1748 has been more than 260 years of history, and China's relatively early health ceramics tang tao, only in 1904, the factory was established, the development process because of the change in the national system, the brand has fallen. At present, we do a good domestic brand huida, wrigley, hengjie, youlai, etc., their history of development is relatively short, also need to withstand the test of time, a strong brand needs to withstand the test of time and market, China's sanitary ware brand is now large and not strong to a large extent with our development history. Shanghai hutch sanitary wares during the exhibition, li aidang of manager of market department of yi zhongtao is talking about Chinese sanitary ware industry to say with the reporter.
Lack of good brands and sanitary manufacturers
There are many sanitary ware manufacturers or sanitary ware brands in China, no one can give accurate data, because the threshold of entry is low, there are many and miscellaneous unregistered small enterprises and small brands, but we all know that we lack international excellent brands and international leading enterprises. Leading brands and factories are the benchmark of the industry, shouldering the heavy task of scientific and technological innovation and market development, which can drive the development of the industry and radiate to other related industries.
Looking back at the development history of modern sanitary ceramics in China, it is not difficult to find that the development of sanitary ware manufacturers in China is mostly from the export or OEM. Chaozhou, the largest sanitary ceramics production base in China, is the best example. There are nearly a thousand sanitary ceramics manufacturers in chaozhou, because the early export demand for sanitary ceramics is very large, and the threshold of OEM production is very low, set up a simple factory shed, hire a few workers can produce, from the brand construction, technical innovation and other costs. After a lot of manufacturer establish, be in to help domestic and foreign big brand production, do marry garment for others, until in last few years foreign market worsens, just turn centre of gravity slowly from export to domestic sale. OEM production and export allowed many sanitary ceramic manufacturers to accumulate original capital, but they also neglected the construction of their own brands and the development of the domestic market, which directly led to the phenomenon that there are a large number of sanitary ceramic manufacturers in chaozhou and the output is huge, but there are not many first-line brand enterprises.
The result that the manufacturer that lack sanitary ware and bibcock brand change is our country high end market is almost by foreign sanitary ware tycoon TOTO, division division, the United States is waited for forestall. Domestic high-end places such as five-star hotels, airports, high-end shopping malls and other high-end projects in the procurement of sanitary ware products is mainly the choice of foreign brands, even ordinary consumers also think that foreign sanitary ware brand brand is high-end brand. And brand of brand of our country independent sanitary ware can be in mostly 2, 3 line market fight each other. With the fierce competition, foreign first-tier brands are gradually extending their tentacles to the second and third-tier markets. Manufacturers without brands or with low brand awareness are under increasing pressure to survive, and they gradually realize that they need to enhance their brand influence.
The ability of independent technological innovation is insufficient
Sanitary ceramics in our country, though starting late, but due to the ceramics with good tradition, and with the rapid development in recent years, many manufacturers in the sanitary ware brand products of blunt water, rinse function, prevent siphon, the depth of the water seal and pipeline function have made a breakthrough of the traditional technology and function of progress, has reached more than the level of first-line brand abroad. However, there are also a lot of manufacturers did not work hard in technical innovation and functional research and development, pure rely on imitation or even directly copy the domestic and foreign well-known sanitary ware brand brand appearance design and related technology in the market to fish in troubled waters. Often a brand launched a new product, will soon appear in the market a few or even dozens of similar products, even the product advertising language also imitate, resulting in the industry product homogenization serious phenomenon. It can be said that although China has a good heritage of ceramic technology and unique advantages in resources, most manufacturers rely on the number of expansion and the cost advantage of cheap labor force to compete with international brands, their technological innovation, brand building and appearance design have not reached the level of international brands.
"Our country sanitary wares bath brand industry output is big, brand is much, but not strong, the mainest reason is our innovation consciousness is not strong. Blindly follow others, how to talk about beyond? Innovation includes technological innovation and appearance innovation, which is the foundation of brand development and growth. At present, many sanitary ware manufacturers are keen to play advertising war, price war, is not a war of innovation. Although certain benefits will be obtained in the short term, it cannot be developed in the long term, because the innovation of product technology is the driving force for the enterprise to move forward. Many enterprises are aware of this, but do not have the heart to do. Many sanitary ware manufacturers develop customers when the product samples are free, and our product samples are to spend money to buy, because each of our products contain our technical innovation efforts. We invest a lot of money in technological innovation every year. Although our products are imitated by others, it does not reduce our enthusiasm for technological innovation, because the best protection for imitation is continuous innovation. Liu dongpo, general manager of jiufu sanitary ware, believes that the lack of innovation spirit is the key reason why China's sanitary ware is big but not strong.
Manufacturers are overly focused on short-term profits
The rapid development of the industry that sanitary ware brand, after letting a batch of outstanding manufacturer occupied certain domestic market share, entered international market stage by stage, walking toward success. But also exposed a lot of problems, for example, due to the rapid development of the speed, some manufacturers focus on the phenomenon of short-term interests. The development of the manufacturer that sanitary ware grows need to have a powerful sale channel to come support, also need to invest in product technology research and development and brand promotion on a large number of, and a lot of manufacturer that sanitary ware just ignored these two points however, or it is to adopt simple heavy sale light technology light brand price war strategy.
"The channel construction and the brand construction need to invest a lot of manpower and financial resources, it takes a long time to have the effect, and the return of such investment is often invisible, many factory owners would rather take 20 million yuan to buy land to develop real estate rather than take 2 million yuan to invest in channel construction and brand construction. Because invest the entity such as estate, thing is placed really before can see get, investment is in channel construction and brand construction often cannot see touch, so a lot of sanitary ware manufacturer are not willing to give this money. In fact, the development of an enterprise must be supported by powerful channels, and the promotion of a brand also needs to go through the baptism of the market and the tempering of the business world, all of which require the investment of real money. However, many of our enterprises have saved this money and put their hopes on the 'price war and sales promotion war' to open up the market and make money in this way. Even some well-known brands also to participate in the fun, often engage in promotional activities, a promotion on the price war, a toilet 299 yuan or 199 yuan. Whether for the purpose of gaining popularity or for the purpose of clearing inventory, such marketing methods are very bad. In the long run, such marketing methods will only make the price war in this industry more and more chaotic and allow more and more enterprises to wander in the middle and low-end market for a long time, unable to become stronger. Some sanitary ware company general manager Mr Zhang says anxiously when talking about the problem that sanitary wares bath company to lay particular stress on short-term interest.
In addition to despise channel construction and brand construction, there are many sanitary ware manufacturers played a "shortcut, borrow the ship to go to sea" idea, wear a waistcoat wipe the edge of the famous brand in the market sales, such as SSUUUU, AR? Juan ROVV(two V), southern wrigley, Japan wrigley, etc., and achieved success to a certain extent. Driven by these manufacturers, people outside the industry also seem to see business opportunities, spend thousands of yuan to register a brand similar to a well-known brand, build a simple studio production or even directly from other factories transfer goods sales, trying to make hot money. Although these copycat enterprises can not do big and strong, nor can long-term development, but their emergence of the sanitary ware industry in China as a whole brand building caused a great negative impact, even let the whole industry back "plagiarism, copycat".
Lack of regulation and market operation
At present, China's whole sanitary ware brand industry in the small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for the majority, because of small scale, weak strength, most manufacturers in the management of family management. This kind of management plays an important role in the initial capital accumulation of manufacturers, but with the development of enterprises, some disadvantages are gradually exposed. For example, due to the severe centralization of power, production and marketing cannot be separated, etc., the boss of an enterprise is in charge of both product research and development, production and sales, and even personnel and finance. This mode of "self-production and self-marketing" requires a lot of manpower, financial resources and energy. It not only has a high cost of sales, but also tends to neglect one thing and neglect the other, making it difficult to achieve good performance. Additional, the sale channel of sanitary ware industry basically also is to rely on the form such as store of sell, self-run inn, alliance agent and experience hall to be in development, as the change that the market and consumer buy means, these sale mode gradually powerless. Because lack brand influence, the development of invisible channel such as home outfit, project also is particularly difficult, manacle sanitary ware enterprise to do greatly strengthen.
sanitary ware brand industry is a high energy consumption, high pollution "twin industry", in the process of production need to consume a large amount of land resources, as well as other energy sources, will produce larger pollution, cost of product production low-priced exports to foreign countries or lower prices in the domestic sales, is not the way of healthy development. Only from the quality, management, brand, technological innovation and other aspects to seek improvement, change the existing extensive development model, China's sanitary ware brand industry can from big to strong forward, in order to gain an advantage in the competition with international brands.


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