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China sanitary ware brand manufacturers development situatio
笔名 baron 2019-01-31 10:41

The clean of manufacturer of brand of our country sanitary ware is provided those who occupy world gross is 30%, go up in the world however however do not have the brand of manufacturer of Chinese sanitary ware that can call ring however. In fact, many of the world's famous sanitary ware brand manufacturers brand products are China's domestic ceramic sanitary ware brand manufacturers enterprises production, that is to say, China sanitary ware manufacturers product quality with those world famous ceramic brand no difference. So how far from the world brand Chinese ceramic sanitary ware brand manufacturers domestic sanitary ware brand manufacturers how to share a cup of beauty in the increasingly fierce competition in the international market.
Although a few years come, the industry of manufacturer of brand defending sanitary ware develops fast, but what cannot deny is, industry of manufacturer of brand of our country defending sanitary ware is in product research and development, innovation, brand management, sale management, company dimensions, capital actual strength waits for a lot of respects, there is bigger difference with manufacturer of brand of world defending sanitary ware.
Brand competitiveness is weak
Before 2000, when American standard and kohler, toto and other international brands to enter China, coastal open cities, straight cut high-end hotels, office buildings, high-grade residential market, as a result of domestic labor cost is much lower than Europe and the United States and other developed countries, domestic sanitary ware brand manufacturers to most enterprises are still in the OEM mode of operations, brand awareness is weak, even does not have its own brand. Even if the brand of manufacturer of Chinese sanitary ware that a few are rising also resides in the underdevelopment that the enterprise is in or underdevelopment area, with international brand camp hardly each other encroaches. At this time, domestic brands are completely unaware of the approaching crisis and the importance of brands, while foreign brands have experienced the golden period with the highest rate of return on profits, and their brand image has been gradually recognized by consumers.
Analysis on the weak competitiveness of sanitary ware manufacturers in China
After China joins WTO, brand of manufacturer of brand of brand of foreign capital sanitary ware expands the market limits in China further, begin to enter market of Chinese inland one class, 2 class even is county-level market advance, the market interest that competes for with native place brand is intensified gradually. In the face of the strong attack of international brands, China's sanitary ware manufacturers industry to reduce costs, price promotion and other wrong way of the market strategy to deal with, brand competitiveness is clearly at a disadvantage. Just on behalf of the Chinese manufacturer of sanitary ware factory in Frankfurt international sanitary ware brand exhibition huida group President Wang Yanqing said in an interview with the author, China sanitary ware manufacturer both streamline appearance, color, function configuration, or the technology innovation, product design, technical design, function configuration, internal control quality standards are not as inferior as foreign brand products. Is a manufacturer of sanitary ware brand industry international barometer "ISH Frankfurt international sanitary ware equipment, building, energy, and air conditioning technology and renewable energy shut out of the exhibition for 50 years, the key lies in the local manufacturer of sanitary ware brand brand brand culture and far less competitive international brand, the brand's international image and visibility is low.
The level of originality needs to be improved
In the just-concluded ISH Frankfurt international sanitary ware equipment, buildings, energy, air conditioning technology and renewable energy at the exhibition, huida sanitary ware brand manufacturer to introduce the foreign design team, the maglev series of independent research and development design, streamline appearance, color, or design or derived from life, is very chic. The original design of the product soon became the focus of Frankfurt, attracting the attention of many international businessmen, but also let the Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers have been recognized by the world. However, for most small and medium-sized enterprises, "plagiarism" is still the main means of product development. As a result of product design investment cost is bigger, and the risk is extremely high also, manufacturer of brand of domestic a lot of small and medium-sized sanitary ware seldom sores product design even this one "unknown domain". To save on "design costs" or the designer part, these companies are willing to pull their brands behind them.
China's sanitary ware manufacturers are yet to go global
The development of an enterprise should put long-term vision, domestic brand manufacturer of sanitary ware should go abroad, sing international, need to establish scientific innovation system, innovation concept, innovation design, innovation service, seek the linkage with the industry and collaboration. Through the integration of resources, the series of matching production, to improve the quality of design, optimization of functional configuration, to the overall design of sanitary ware brand manufacturers to create space, sanitary ware brand manufacturers industry to the forefront of fashion.
Since 2009, domestic sanitary ware brand manufacturer has started a linkage and collaboration with relevant industry, huida group and Beijing world research media launched the asia-pacific alliance of housing industrialization has begun, large and medium-sized cities across the country held dozens of asia-pacific housing industrialization BBS, and through collaboration with real estate and building materials enterprises, domestic sanitary ware brand manufacturer enterprise gradually be applied and office buildings, subway, high-grade residential and other projects.
Advocate the consumption of nationalization, life, science and technology, internationalization is a kind of idea undoubtedly, it is the transmission of culture of a kind of sanitary ware more, through innovate ceaselessly, guide consumption, transmission culture, drive an industry to develop, Chinese manufacturer of sanitary ware goes up to international fashionable forefront in the near future.


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