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Nan'an sanitary ware manufacturers brand upgrade and develop
笔名 baron 2019-01-31 10:41

Mention China's three major sanitary ware manufacturers brand hardware production areas, leading when fujian nan 'an. In recent years the development of brand hardware of manufacturer of nan an sanitary ware is wind unripe water rises, the development of brand hardware of manufacturer of nan an sanitary ware is experiencing a change and transition. Just like the rise of jinjiang shishi shoes and clothing brand ten years ago, no matter the large enterprises or the second and third line brands, the brand hardware enterprises of nan 'an sanitary ware manufacturers are also stepping towards the branding step by step.
"support, production, sales" as the enterprise survival and development of the most basic guarantee, is every sanitary manufacturers brand sanitary enterprises must practice good "internal work". "Production and sales", as the key link for enterprises to shape their products and enter the market, has always been the focus of enterprises and the media. However, "supply" seems to be only the "private" part of enterprises, which is rarely reported by the media. Supply chain smooth, enterprise development has backing, supplier quality is guaranteed, sanitary ware enterprise brand strategy can be put on the agenda.
Nan’an sanitary ware manufacturer brand sanitary ware brand process
Nanan city is located in the southeast coast of fujian province "golden triangle" central region, and Taiwan treasure island across the sea. Brand industry of manufacturer of nan an sanitary ware originates on century 70 time, from on century 70 time, the lun cang town of nan an city is famous far and near "the town of striking iron", it is one of bases that home is engaged in brand industry of manufacturer of sanitary ware to make the earliest sale. In the early 1980s, luncang town sanitary ware manufacturers brand valve enterprises rapid development, and gradually become the national sanitary manufacturers brand valves, sanitary ware important production base, known as "township enterprises a flower" and "sanitary manufacturers brand township. After 30 years of development, nan 'an has become one of the three major sanitary ware manufacturers brand industrial base.
Nanan sanitary ware manufacturer brand sanitary ware industry, which is based on brand sanitary ware manufacturer in fujian industrial park, with "the hometown of China sanitary ware manufacturer brand" the town of hebron pale, and the "China town of valve base of sanitary ware manufacturer brand" the town as the core, there are more than 600 sanitary ware manufacturer brand companies, annual output value of more than 7 billion yuan, account for half of the domestic market. The brand city of manufacturer of Chinese sanitary ware of nan an, have product to reveal store 1200 many, it is at present countrywide dimensions is the biggest, grade is highest, professional the brand of manufacturer of the strongest sanitary ware is professional market. In order to further enhance the scale and level of the market, the total investment of 400 million yuan China sanitary manufacturers brand city phase iii project is accelerating the construction progress, the project focuses on the introduction of well-known brands at home and abroad, will build the country's largest sanitary manufacturers brand industry technology exchange and consulting platform.
Nan 'an sanitary ware manufacturer brand sanitary ware enterprise in the operation of the brand performance can be said to be not common, in 2005 the country won the first batch of "China famous brand" sanitary ware manufacturer brand enterprises have 7, and nan occupied 4 (nine animal, zhongyu, brilliant, shenlu da). Fujian also has 6 national inspection-free products, 8 well-known trademarks in China, including the above four.
Nan 'an sanitary ware manufacturers brand sanitary ware enterprises in recent years through the "star + advertising + marketing annual meeting" mode, greatly expanding the influence of the brand. Today's south of the sanitary ware manufacturers brand sanitary ware industry with ten years ago jinjiang shishi shoes clothing industry cluster please star endorsement, CCTV advertising has a lot of similarities. The first-line brands represented by zhongyu, huihuang, shenluda and jiumu are well known all over the country and even the world. The second-tier brands represented by special porcelain, honglang, legu, longer, TOCC, hengtong, ogilvy period, shenwang, ailang, shenda, etc. have a strong development momentum. In addition, there are numerous emerging brands springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.
Visit suppliers to analyze the supply chain of south security and health enterprises
Mention nan an sanitary ware manufacturer brand sanitary ware production area supply and marketing army, for the industry is the most familiar with nan an has nearly 300,000 marketing army, control China sanitary ware manufacturer brand sanitary ware nearly 80% sales terminal. And as the rise of the brand sanitary ware industry of manufacturer of south an sanitary ware, supplier also is acting more and more important role, a few days ago, this net reporter visited enterprise of brand sanitary ware of manufacturer of manufacturer of partial south an sanitary ware and its supplier, discovery these enterprises also are happening quietly on supplier choice change.
In the past, nan 'an sanitary ware manufacturers brand enterprises in the selection of suppliers, the most demanding is a certain quality, cost-effective suppliers, and with the improvement of brand, quality stability, with a higher brand of suppliers has become the first choice of nan 'an enterprises, at this time, the price has begun to slowly give way to the brand. In the interview, the reporter learned that the well-known suppliers in nan 'an market position is gradually emerging, which do spool supply ningbo "wan hai spool", it accounts for the market share of nan 'an second-tier brand reached more than 80%, of which zhongyu, brilliant usage accounted for half. And another nan local specifically do wash valve "sea jue sanitary ware" although established only a few years ago, but with the stability of the quality, in nan is also occupied in the field of half the river, which zhongyu, shenlu da, longer, apple king and other first and second line brands also choose their products.
As we all know, suppliers and sanitary manufacturers brand sanitary enterprise customer group is completely different, suppliers are facing the sanitary enterprises, and sanitary enterprises are facing dealers and terminal consumers, which requires the appeal of the two will be different. As brand of nan an sanitary ware moves toward maturity gradually, taste a lot of previously unbranded enterprises to make brand gradually transition, this is bound to cause their demand to supply the market will be bigger and bigger, this also drives manufacturer of sanitary ware brand sanitary ware enterprise puts forward higher requirement to the supplier.
Sanitaryware manufacturer brand sanitaryware enterprise wants to do a brand to want to assure the quality of the product above all, the quality of the product wants to get assurance must ask the product of supplier to want to have assurance on quality, and want to have lasting stability. In order to ensure the quality and stability of their own products, sanitary ware manufacturers brand sanitary ware enterprises generally do not often change suppliers, so in the selection of suppliers is very strict and demanding, at this time the supplier only do their own products will be favored by buyers.
While the quality of a supplier's products is central, word of mouth plays a crucial role in the supply chain. Supplier and compared the relationship between the sanitary ware sanitary ware enterprise relationships with consumers come really, sanitary ware enterprises can fry concept, can use all kinds of ways to promote sales, but the supplier and the interests of the enterprise is a solid relationship between sanitary ware, relationship to the survival of sanitary ware enterprises, enterprises that sanitary ware can't see your propaganda is a lot of your product, so only do their suppliers, won the approval of all buyers to the survival and development constantly.
As a sanitary manufacturers brand sanitary enterprises, how to obtain high quality, high stability and high cost-effective "brand products" is the sanitary manufacturers brand sanitary enterprises maintain its survival and development of the important basis. With the deepening of branding, it is impossible for an enterprise to produce all its products independently. A large part of its products must rely on powerful supply groups and extend the production workshops to the production workshops of various suppliers. Therefore, how to create a stable and efficient supply chain is the future of nanan sanitary ware manufacturers brand sanitary ware enterprises must think and operate a key issue.


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