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Chinese sanitary ware brands are developing rapidly in the M
笔名 baron 2019-01-31 10:40

Chinese pottery and porcelain defends sanitary ware brand product general high quality cheap price, have competition ability more than European product in the Middle East area, Chinese manufacturer should be aimed at the actual demand of brand market of the Middle East sanitary ware and characteristic, exit the product that suits culture of local Islam and custom.
Chinese ceramic sanitary ware brand and plumbing hardware products are very popular in the Middle East market, with a certain degree of influence. Hardware manufacturer of brand of Chinese pottery and porcelain sanitary ware should be aimed at the actual demand of market of brand of sanitary ware of the Middle East and characteristic, the famous brand product that chooses oneself enters the Middle East market strategically.
Avoid dumping at low prices, ensure product quality, and strive to build their own brand. In the initial stage, we can set up the image window of our products, such as flagship store or exhibition hall, to promote the brand.
Face the phenomenon that competition of a few products is low in uae market, brand of manufacturer of Chinese sanitary ware should be in strict accordance with ISO9000 series standard, close quality strictly, do after-sale service according to local code, should stipulate quality to assure period, fulfil a contract strictly, assure quality and time of delivery, improve product credit, avoid low dumping.
Through the uae local large Chinese sanitary ware brand product sales center to develop the market
China's domestic market competition is fierce, timely "go out" to have a rich supply of Chinese sanitary ware brands or vendors, is a good choice.
Suppliers according to the international mold and metal plastic industry association director luo hui is introduced, so far, the united Arab emirates have not formed a scale and normative sanitary ware brand market, the size of the shop with the facade shop scattered distribution management way, and because the surrounding area has been dominated by other industries, has no more space for development, at the same time, single product category.
Local government urgently needs as soon as possible to improve the overall market is relatively chaos, the situation of lack of unified management, government support, Chinese manufacturers can use the united Arab emirates (uae) in the region to build large-scale professional sanitary ware brand market, can meet the needs of the local consumption, but also help to expand exports of domestic products and create a broad platform for the overseas, its meaning is very profound.
Develop market through local professional trade shows
The famous local exhibitions in the united Arab emirates mainly include the five industry expos of Middle East architecture (BIG5), the Middle East international sanitary ware brand expo and the Middle East international hardware and tools expo.
These specialist trade shows use a vast database of buyers to help exhibitors conduct "business matching" events, combining buyers' and sellers' needs after screening to promote the signing rate between buyers and sellers.
In particular, we can provide the brand of domestic sanitary ware manufacturer with marketing base in dubai for long-term stable partners and the opportunity of obtaining bulk order.
Through the surrounding area sales agents or directly in the local branch to open up the market
After brand of manufacturer of Chinese sanitary ware enters uae market, on the foundation of successful and firm local platform, can choose the sale agent of periphery area, enlarge market share further thereby.
When selecting agents, be careful to select those local companies with sound marketing networks and the ability to participate in the bidding.
These agencies sell their products either directly or wholesale to small retailers.
The brand of manufacturer of Chinese sanitary ware that has actual strength had better be set in gulf each country branch, the information that learns about respect of project of development construction in time, participate in the invite and bid of the project actively, the product of domestic production applies to prospective project directly go. ,
Gulf all countries are carried out mostly is exclusive agency makes, because this chooses agent to be sure to be careful, once the choice error may bring about a product to be in brand of pottery and porcelain sanitary ware the sale on this market fails.


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