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YOROOW won the Fujian Daily southeast brand reputation unit
笔名 admin 2017-04-24 08:37

In order to enhance the enterprise managers and the public consciousness of honesty and trustworthiness, to further promote enterprise credit system construction China, by the Fujian daily newspaper group southeast network brand reputation channel, combined with Fujian Province Economic Information Service center, To carry out the annual brand reputation of Fujian enterprises to promote activities, by the expert assessment, the media data collection and evaluation, the collection of the Fujian provincial brand reputation recommend units and members of the governing unit.
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YOROOW bathroom through the Fujian daily and Southeast network brand reputation channel, internet word-of-mouth data collection, evaluation of the industry experts, the final vote by the Council, officially named the Fujian daily newspaper group southeast network brand reputation director unit. And issued the "Fujian daily southeast network brand reputation director unit" honorary certificate and plaque to YOROOW bathroom. YOROOW bathroom won the governing unit, fully embodies the reputation of the YOROOW brand has been recognized by consumers. As a member of the Fujian provincial brand reputation, the Chinese faucet manufacturer YOROOW will pay more attention to product quality, innovate the products, and provide excellent products and services for the partners and consumers.


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